How Indigenous Art Impacts National Development

The indigenous arts of Ghana play an important role in the development of the nation. The roles they play are discussed below.

• Job Creation/Employment:

The indigenous arts offer various employment avenues to the majority of people, especially the rural folks. This helps them in providing for themselves and their families, thereby reducing the unemployment ratio in the country, easing the government of the burden of unemployment.

• Reduction Of Rural-Urban Migration:

Most of the indigenous arts of the country are done by rural folks in small villages and towns. Owing to the fact that they offer jobs for the masses of people there, it prevents them from moving to the urban centres to seek for greener pastures placing a lot of pressure on the limited resources and social amenities allocated for the cities in the urban areas.

• Source Of Revenue For The Nation:

The small scale and cottage industries which are in the production of the various indigenous arts pay tax revenues to the government. The money generated from these taxes can be used by the government in solving some of the pertinent problems confronting the nation.

• Offers Training In The Form Of Apprenticeship:

The indigenous art production centres offer training in the form of apprenticeship to the young ones in the society. These young ones may not have had the privilege of formal education and may have ended up being social deviants. Because the indigenous industries absorb these young ones, it helps in minimising or eradicating social vices like stealing, alcoholism and others which are mostly as a result of unemployment.

• Promotes The Tourism Industry:

The indigenous industries are viable tourist industries that generate a lot of income for the nation. The indigenous art works are well patronised by these tourists who pay substantial amounts in their purchase. Sometimes, some of their works are exported to other foreign lands to earn income for the artist and the nation.

• Serves As Avenues For Cultural Education:

The indigenous arts are like ‘history books’ of our rich cultural heritage. It helps the younger generation in knowing much about their rich cultural traditions handed down to them by their ancestors. These arts do not just inform them of their material culture, but also the rich philosophies, a body of beliefs and the way of life of their forebears.

• Attracts Foreign Investors:

The activities of the various indigenous small scale industries attract the attention of foreign investors. Because this industry is very lucrative, these foreign investors invest their resources in the business by providing expansions of the industry in the provision of durable raw materials, modern technologies, as well as tools and machinery.

This booms the activities of the industry earning more revenue for the workers and the nation as a whole.

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Living a Goal Oriented Life

The world is moving, everything is in a constant motion, like the clouds going around the sky above us, you went to bed last night, woke up today and continued your daily routine, and to you it doesn’t seem like progress even though to you, every day is pretty much the same, and of-course, same thoughts going through your mind today will probably come through tomorrow. Do we ever wonder why days seems to be the same, but years are different? because what ever you are doing now, there is an impact of a daily progression, whether you are aware of this fact or not. Your brain is hyper-active, you are physically and mentally modifying it to become better at anything you are doing, this is a foundational mechanism of the brain. Having this in mind, it is important to pick an objective, and start working towards the realization of that goal. You know, it baffles me that people do not understand the place and importance of time in our lives. Most people see time as rather too common, or they hope in the future for a blessed event to occur, they wait for someone or something to come and favor them. They really do not understand the purpose and role of time in our lives and often times when this event doesn’t occur or something, you see them, they become so depressed, and disappointed, and often they begin to think that they have failed you know, that life has failed to give them what they want.

This is the primary cause of most failures in life, if you are reading this because you wonder how you can change your life, well, let me come out plain, don’t sit and do nothing with your time and then expect a miracle. I have seen from the experience of thousands of people that I have come across, especially young people, who have all the time in the world. At least no matter how occupied you get, you have up to 8 of free hours in a day, that you can commit to learning something new, people prefers to sit down all day and have fun and just have more fun, they don’t ever want to stress their brains to produce desired results. Don’t be like this please, think of the life that you would love to live, be true to your self, design a life that you would want to have for your self and loved ones, even if you have nothing or you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry do the first thing first, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!. You see, what makes people discouraged in life is that they think that the economy is bad, or they don’t have adequate skills to make money, or or they have too many responsibility and so on and so on, and then they are discouraged. You must know what you want before you can set out to get it. The truth is every man on this planet, whether you are black or chocolate or white or Asian, you have the same 24 hours of time every man has. This is like a universal currency. If you know what you want, its not going to be easy at first, and that’s because the old you will be trying to keep you in the same condition because the old you is comfortable with the way you are. But once you are disgusted with your situation and you know what you want and you are serious about it, nothing should stop you from coming up with a plan and start acting at once. You see, you don’t have to be perfect or become so good at it, all you have to do is keep trying, failing, and learning from your mistakes and errors as it is becoming a part of you, until it becomes a habit. People are too lazy to learn what they have to learn and grow. Generally this is how you form good habits and make them your mastery. This process might not be easy as you are already thinking, but its good to ask yourself whether you should sit back and take what ever life hands you or whether you should do something about it.

One important thing to remember is that your brain becomes better at what ever you are continuously engaged in. Most persons who wish they are successful really do not want to succeed. They talk about how they would like to learn this or learn that, they are not really serious about it. You have energy wasting away if this how you generally spend your time. if you are a young person who is just leaving school or will in a matter of time, don’t think of depending on your government to provide a job for you, if you do, you are only making the issue of unemployment in your country worse than it is. Use your energy and your time. pick up a skill that you are sure can create the life you desire and become your boss. You must resolve to spend at least 20 minutes of the day trying to get more familiar with the premises of that course of skill or whatever it is that you are trying to learn. The truth is, you will discover for yourself the tremendous impact you have made with just that minimum amount of time that you spend, and that you can become better at it if you are willing to spend more time at it. This is the secret that most people don’t know, that the way to succeed in life is to pick a craft of your choice and become so good at it that it can enable you to be of service to your fellow man and earn the sincerest rewards of your labor. So they spend their time and talk all the time away. And for them, one year is pretty much the same with the other, except they are waiting for some kind of blessings to come them in the future, without recording any special kind of progress to that desired future.

As a young person, the secret to living the life you desire is simple but not that simple, you might have to change who you are entirely, and this means, in order to be the person you want to be, you must first become the person that you have never been. This means your character, behavior and attitudes might have to change as well. I have heard people say they can’t change their behaviors and that its already a part of them, and this just makes me smile, because what you are showing me is how serious you really don’t want a change in your life, because for any man to succeed at a goal, that man has to be something he has not been, or perhaps improve in some quality of his life. Its just a shame, that people walk about with such attitudes that needs amendments and they do nothing about it but yet want their lives or conditions to change. There is no miracle of such except one is burn with that silver spoon. This is another major cause of failures in the lives of so many, and perhaps why most people suffer the effects and unemployment and lack and hatred and misery. The truth is that, if you are in a country where the rate of unemployment is high, you simply cannot wait to be spoon fed, or be catered for, you have to step your comfort zone and come face to face with life. These days people do not want to come out their comfort zone so they sit there and wait for someone or the government to give them a job when the time comes. They have no desired future, because if you do, you know the only to get there is to work it out and not wait for someone who can only pay you 12x in a year. Its a shame that people rely on a 12 months salary to live life. You just will not get paid more than 12 times in a year no matter how good you are at that job, or no matter how much you love the job. Truth is you will always crave a promotion to enhance your pay to give you a better life. To have your desired life, you have to believe in yourself to create it and not wait for someone.

Start today, select an objective, focus your heart and mind on the realization of it. You see, if you hold a goal or dream that you so much desire in your heart, and you are willing to work according to the laws that governs the universe and not break the laws of man and live right to all creature, you will succeed, because its based upon belief. Believe in your right as a human that you will get the things you desire in earth even if you don’t where to begin. I feel very sad sitting on the side line of life, seeing the vast majority of people who just go through life without having a course or reason of being alive except having a place to stay and food to it, without realizing the great powers that lies the mind of every man. And this often happens as a result of lack of personal training, or ignorance, as well as people who don’t take a look at their lives with the intention of identifying the areas that needs to be worked on and improved.

So what I want you to do today, is set a goal for your self, and make up your mind that you are going to work or study until you realize that goal. Take note of the word “until” because its magical, if you resolve to do something until you get your desired result, you ultimately succeeds. there is no way you don’t. so set a goal today, and start organizing your plans for the realization of that goal. You have all the powers in your mind to succeed at your goal, and that is why you need to train and work with your mind, and not accept what the world will say about you.

I hope you found this article helpful? Please leave your comments below if you need help with something.

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